"The Interview"

It's about time! I'm A big Seth Rogen fan. And over the years have had the chance to meet him twice. Not only is a hilarious guy and gifted actor, but also a big believer in the freedom of his craft. I went to the movie premier at the Silent movie Theater here in Los Angeles, and was surprised the Seth Rogen showed up to unveil his film for us. We here at "Prime Time Hollywood Tours" pride ourselves on our Celebrity Tour sightings. But this one was special for me. Not only did Seth introduce the film, he also gave us his uncut view of what freedom and movies are to him. This was a big kick in the face for anyone who thinks they can use terrorism to shut down the American Way of life, or to derail our beliefs. So Seth Rogen, Please take a bow! This was a real show ofsolidarity, And support for your fellow actors and the American way of life.

Overall the film was Great! Probably not the year's best film by far. But hilarious and entertaining as you would expect from these two actors. Thumbs Up!! but still a Big Thumbs down for Sony backing down on the release of this film in the first place.