Rain, Rain, and Celebrities

We need the rain here in Hollywood, that's for sure! But with big weather comes big problems. The traffic on our freeways becomes a snails race, Mud and debris from the fire zones become dangerous mudslides, and the streets get flooded fast. But no matter what chaos there is in Los Angeles, the stars here on Hollywood's Walk of Fame still shine! For example, just yesterday as we were loading our guests on the last Celebrity Home tour for the day it started to rain. Normally that would have been a bummer. But seconds later Singer and Songwriter Cee Lo Green came walking up and greeted all of our passengers. Afterward I walked into the trendy shoe and clothing store "Drip" located next to our Primetime Hollywood Tour location and got this pic of Cee Lo checking out the newest shoes in town. So see even when the skies are grey and it's raining, The stars shine in Hollywood!